The first lily of the valley blooms have emerged in my garden, in the last days of March. I love lilies of the valley but they can be hard to grow here in Zone 7, so I’m delighted that these have decided to return. They emit one of my favorite fragrances, the inimitable “muguet“.  Do you grow lilies of the valley? When do they emerge in your garden?

3 thoughts on “More Signs of Spring

  1. My pink lily of the valley bloomed several days ago. The white lily of the valley had come up for years in a pot, but that pot had a layer of water an inch or two deep on top last year, with all the rain we got. Dad finally tipped the pot over on its side in late summer or so, but I think it was too late for the lily of the valley in that pot. I got a new white lily of the valley plant on Saturday at a plant sale.

    I’d gotten a carnation and a wallflower some weeks ago at Lowe’s home improvement/hardware store. I was excited because the cultivar of wallflower was ‘Bowles Mauve,’ and I’d read E.A. Bowles’ books about gardening in the spring, summer, and fall and winter, respectively. Even Dad didn’t get that gardening reference.

    Some daffodils I’d planted late last year got a late start this spring, and are still blooming. I saw buds on the Old Garden Rose ‘Mme. Zoetmans’ yesterday, which was exciting. That and the sweet briar are generally the first to bloom. ‘Mme. Zoetmans’ is a summer Damask with a wonderful lemony-Damask fragrance. It’s hard to decide which rose scents are my favorites, but the scent of ‘Mme. Zoetmans’ is up there. I also like the fragrance of the Bourbon rose ‘Mme. Isaac Pereire’ very much. That’s got one of those raspberry/rose fragrances. And ‘Maiden’s Blush’ and ‘Konigen von Danemark’ have lovely pure Old Rose fragrances as well.

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