I am a gardener who was forced to be inactive for an entire summer a few years ago because of an injury. So, since I could not perform the usual chores of gardening, I took advantage of this hiatus to recapture my love of gardening by re-reading some of my many gardening books and following some lovely garden blogs, as well as teaching myself to blog on WordPress. I love to visit botanical gardens and historic gardens, and I have been privileged in being able to travel to quite a few. I am also lucky to have a tolerant spouse who (usually) ignores the overflowing bookshelves.

I garden in the South of the United States, Zone 7, though I am not a native Southerner. The climate is hot and humid during the summer, but very moderate for most of the year, including in the winter with occasional freezes and, rarely, snow. We get daffodils in bloom as early as January and as late as the end of April, and that makes me very happy. We have pansies that start blooming in the fall and go through the winter and well into the spring. I also blog about non-gardening matters (mostly fragrance these days) at Serenity Now.

One of my favorite books about gardening is “Old Herbaceous”, by Reginald Arkell, which is why I named this blog after it. I first read it when I was twelve years old. The story of a shy child who loves plants and flowers, and makes them his vocation throughout a long life, spoke to me then and still speaks to me now.

Old Herbaceous, by Reginald Arkell (Modern Library 2003)
Old Herbaceous, by Reginald Arkell (Modern Library 2003)

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  1. Hello, I came across your blog because I was looking for a copy of Old Herbaceous — one of my favorite books. It reminds me of Goodbye Mr. Chips — a whole life in a slim volume. And as I’m in my early 50s, I love too that they both reinvent themselves in their 50s. The ending of Old Herbaceous — the author takes such good care of his creation. I wish the same for all of us. Thank you for this blog. It’s beautiful. I love your approach. It’s so visual and personal.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I hope you’ll come read again, and comment. My other blog is more about fragrance, which has become my other hobby, but gardening is an earlier love and lifetime pursuit.


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