I haven’t posted Saturday Snippets in a while because of the onslaught of spring gardening “opportunities”! Here’s a short, partial rundown: dozens of Ajuga “Chocolate Chip” planted as groundcovers on a new berm alongside the patio/drainage area we had built last fall, with stones interplanted with Ajuga Metallica Crispa. At least fifteen heucherellas planted under the young Japanese maples we planted last fall in a new “grove” to replace the messy undergrowth in a small sideyard under a huge old water oak. New statue and birdbath also in place. Major pruning back of magnolia hedge in back garden, to edge of mixed shrub and perennial border. New deciduous azalea “Fragrant Star” planted and protected from curious, digging dog. Experimental planting of anemone sylvestris under old azaleas; also protected from curious, digging dog. New heucheras still in process of being planted, including two lovely Heuchera “Purple Mountain Majesty”. To be planted: “Berry Supreme” and “Frosted Violet.”

Today’s chores, in addition to the usual weeding, spraying, watering: plant in containers two new Itoh peonies, bought for half-price from local nursery: “Takara” and “Julia Rose.” Plant nine new Hosta “Blue Mouse Ears” and Japanese painted ferns (they are gorgeous together — try it!). Plant nine new Phlox “David” in sunny border. Plant second “Black Diamond” crape myrtle into pot that matches the first one’s new home. Deadhead David Austin rose “Teasing Georgia”. Spread organic tree fertilizer under recently pruned oak tree. Plant more ceratostigma plumbaginoides under established Japanese maple “Filigree”, the idea being that the leadwort’s red autumn leaves and blue flowers will complement the fall colors of the maple. Finish replanting doorstep containers with summer plants.

However, if I really get a lot done, I will likely treat myself to a field trip to see the new Chihuly exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and that will be worth all the effort!

Blue glass Chihuly fountain at Atlanta Botanical Garden
Chihuly fountain at Atlanta Botanical Garden; photo from http://www.panoramio.com

3 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: No Time to Read!

  1. My back hurts from just reading your chore list for today – but, oh, the rewards you will reap! Those are all such lovely plants – makes me want to come visit.

    And…this almost made my heart stop – I saw mention in your other blog of Elizabeth Goudge. I was beginning to think that I am the only person left alive who knows and loves her work. They are some of my most cherished books. However, I am happy to say that I have not yet read Scent of Water (at least I don’t think so and it is not in my collection) so off to the bookstore I go! Oh, happy day.

    The sun is finally out there in Richmond and though I can’t get out in the garden til tomorrow, I can’t get enough of looking at it from inside my workshop.

    Cheers. Cackie

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    1. There are actually quite a few Elizabeth Goudge fans! Enough that they have started reissuing some of her books in paperback, including The Scent of Water. I loved her children’s books, starting with The Little White Horse, which was sent to me by English relatives, and I just kept reading. Nowadays I turn to her books as a reminder that not all values turn on the almighty dollar.


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