A child’s garden should be a place where children are allowed to run, play, climb, and freely experience natural materials and bodily sensations. Flowers and berries for picking can be planted in exuberant swaths, with paths made perhaps of yellow bricks winding through their beds. Climbing trees and hiding bushes should camouflage every corner. Miniature forests and meadows can be planted, miniature hills mounded, places for digging and constructing set aside. Rabbit hutches and doghouses should be designed with whimsical flair instead of utilitarian drudge. And water is essential — it is children’s (not to mention adults’) favorite outdoor feature.

From A Child’s Garden: Enchanting Outdoor Spaces for Children and Parents, by Molly Dannenmaier.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: A Child’s Garden

  1. How beautiful is this blogosphere. 🙂

    I feel like childs do–awe and wonder.

    Such a beauty this quote is.
    Where did you get your header image from?

    It’s epic.



    1. Thanks! The header image for the blog is a photo I took in Kew Gardens. The featured image on this post is a rendering for a proposed renovation of a children’s garden in the U.S., which was done as part of a fundraising campaign.

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      1. Thanks for letting me know–wonderful project and the garden must have been beautiful.



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