Ranting Locally – a Letter to the Editor I submitted this letter to the editor of my local paper with the title “No-Mow Presents Problems for Lawns” …

“No-Mow Month” – the no-good, terrible lawn-care advice from the Xerces Society

This does seem like an over-broad, simplistic piece of gardening guidance. I grow many, many pollinator friendly plants that also feed birds, but I also have two small lawns, one in front of my house, one in back. I have shrunk both over the years by enlarging flower beds and mixed borders, and creating a small vegetable garden with raised beds, all pollinator-friendly. We don’t use much on the lawns: some organic crab-grass control, Ironite, organic fertilizer.

It also seems very simplistic to declare a No-Mow Month without regard to planting Zones. How do you handle grass or lawn in your garden?

One thought on ““No-Mow Month” – the no-good, terrible lawn-care advice from the Xerces Society

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