From the GardenRant Archives This post from 2011 seems to foreshadow Anne Wareham joining GardenRant this year. In it, Amy described Anne “one of us.  She is opinionated, ill-tempered, witty, and slightly crazy.” There’s a lot of hand-wringing going on in the publishing world right now.  The poor economy, the closure of many fine independent…

The Bad-Tempered Gardener — GardenRant

I love the title of this book so much! I haven’t bought any new gardening books in ages, because I have so, so many, and I’m trying to restrain myself. But this one is really calling to me …

One thought on “The Bad-Tempered Gardener — GardenRant

  1. I’m probably contributing to the woes of the publishing business, and I feel bad about that. Although, I sincerely hope each and every one succeeds, I just don’t buy books or magazines anymore. Once, I downsized I have never had the urge to go back to keeping stuff. I fully utilize my local library, if someone gifts me a book, I read it and donate it, but I do love a good rant. 🙂

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