I am late with my weekly post, in part because I was traveling and in part because it has taken me a couple of days to think about the recent tragedies in Paris and Beirut, and to consider humbly what can be said in light of these losses. I know Paris well and love it. As I was looking at the map of the terror attacks, I saw that they took place not far from Pere Lachaise Cemetery, the first metropolitan garden cemetery. Pere Lachaise provided a new model for funerary rituals and grieving the dead but also for remembering them, as mourners and strangers would be able to stroll among the graves in a setting of natural beauty.

Another blogger had the same thought, so today’s Snippet is a re-blogging of his lovely post and photos:

Jeffrey Bale’s World of Gardens: Cimetière du Père Lachaise, Paris.

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